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Lex Davicont Accounting Company

Lex Davicont - accounting company

Str. Constantin Vasilescu, Nr. 6, Sector 4, Bucharest
Romania, Cod postal 042053

 Expert accountant

Lex Davicont phone 0723519383

Lex Davicont email lexdavicont @

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Contact us for information on the offer of accounting, payroll, tax and financial consulting services for a future collaboration.

For more details, please visit the headquarters of Lex Davicont Accounting.


Piata Sudului - Aparatorii Patriei, Sos. Oltenitei - Sos. Berceni

Public transportation:

- Metro M2: station "Aparatorii Patriei"

- Trams: 1, 10

- Bus: 102, 124, 125, 232

Opening hours:

 Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 18:00

Lex Davicont - contabilitate Bucuresti Sector 4


- The accounting company Lex Davicont will safely and solely for the specified purposes (accounting and payroll services) manage the identification data that are provided: name, surname, telephone, email, address.

- The accounting company Lex Davicont will NOT provide the names, telephone numbers and emails of clients of other companies to which they provide accounting and payroll services.

Accounting Company Bucharest Sector 4