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The obligation to send the A4200 statement to the XML files extracted from the cash register

Do you want to transmit the cashier's XML? The obligation to transmit the A4200 statement to the XML files extracted from the cash register falls on the cashier's user according to OPANAF 627/2018 on the data transmission procedure. The deadline for submission is no later than the 20th of the following month. We are at your disposal to send you the A4200 statement monthly with XML files.

All companies that sell products or provide services directly to the population have the obligation to tax the proceeds through the fiscal electronic cash register and to equip themselves with the new marking devices provided by the normative framework. ANAF specialists continue to draw attention to the obligation to endow the new tax devices because they will start to run the controls of the Antifraud inspectors. According to the Prevention Law, within maximum 10 working days from the date of expiration of the endowment set out in the remediation plan, the control will be resumed, and if there is a breach of the legal obligations, the sanctions provided by GEO no. 28/1999.


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