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Accounting Company Sector 4 Bucharest

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Cristina Stefanescu - Expert accountant


+ Accountant Expert, Member of The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR).

+ Tax Consultant, Member of the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants Bucharest (CCF).

+ Human Resources Inspector, accredited to the Ministry of Labor and Territorial Labor Inspectorate.

+ Graduate (licentiate), Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest).

+ Graduate (licentiate), Faculty of Management (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest).



+ Software Competencies:

  • CIEL, SAGA, ReviSal, SmartBill, Contab SQL, WinMentor, BlocManagerNet, Multicash Banci, Scala, Compas, Siveco Applications (COFINOR), WizCount, WizSalary, Excel, etc.

+ Foreign languages:

  • English - advanced level (Cambridge English, British Council Romania)
  • French - medium level


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Lex Davicont Accounting Company Sector 4 Bucharest

Lex Davicont - Accounting Bucharest Sector 4

Str. Constantin Vasilescu, Nr. 6, Sector 4, Bucharest

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Accounting Company Bucharest Sector 4